Physical FeaturesEdit

Castor 37, or Jias, is a planet located in the Castor system, in the constellation of Gemini.


Recreation of comets hitting the planet.

Castor 37 is the official designation for this planet. The inhabitants call it "Jias", or, the orb. It has a ground of a living, dirt like substance, that is spongy to the touch. Far underneath the crust layer is the super dense core of solid iron. Enlayed in the soil are chunks, about the size of small laptops, of iron like, unidentifiable metal. The atmosphere, due to lack of pollutants, is an extremely dark blue, almost black. The stars are visible all throughout the day, as well as a deep blue gas giant several times the size of Jupiter billions of miles away elsewhere in the system. The planet itself is much smaller than earth, but due to density of the core, has approximately the same gravitational mass. The surface of the planet is covered in small oceans formed by impact craters from a comet collision above the planet. Inside of most of the oceans in the direct center, are rock and metal mountains pushed up from the impacts of the comets.

Mysteries of the PlanetEdit

Due to the atmosphere, and highly evolved beings on the planet, it would seem logical that the planet was billions of years old, but fossil records indicate that the entire system is only one hundred million years old (Compensation for radioactive decay suggests that the system is one billion years old). Sciences indicate that this kind of evolution is impossible, but it just adds belief to the religion firmly maintained on Jias.

One of the craters on Jias forms a kind of large circle, then smaller, then smaller, all touching each other forming oceans. It looks similar to O0o. It was most likely caused by a comet fragment entering at an acute angle, exploding in the atmosphere, and rolling onto three fragments as it hit ground.


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The comet that created all life on the planet.

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